Dental implants are artificial titanium posts or roots used to replace missing teeth. A dental implant is simply a medical part that interfaces directly with the patient’s bone or jaw to serve as an anchor or support for a dental implant including a crown, bridge, dentures, facial implant or orthodontic cement. Implants can be used to replace one tooth or an entire mouthful, depending on the needs of the patient and the type of dental implants needed. For more details visit at Pflugerville Smiles Dentistry.

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Dental implants are placed through the gums and attached to the jawbone by ligament that is fused into the bone. The artificial teeth will be positioned directly over the gums, so there is no need to remove them and expose the bone in the jaw. Dental implants help improve the appearance of the teeth and the overall facial features. They also are often used to help align the jawbone so that it matches the rest of the face.

Patients who need partial or full dentures and need to wear dental implants have different surgical procedures performed. If the bone around the missing teeth has not grown and the natural teeth do not project beyond the bone, the patient may need to have both dentures and implants. Implants can be used to replace one tooth that is missing from the patient’s mouth. It is not possible to replace all of the teeth in an accident, but dental implant treatment is used to help create a prosthetic tooth that looks and feels like natural teeth. Dental implants are similar to natural teeth in appearance, feel and function, except that they cannot be damaged like natural teeth can.

Patients who require multiple prosthetic teeth are eligible for one-on-one care with a periodontist or dentist. If the cost of multiple teeth and crowns is too high, the patient may want to consider dental bridges. Dental bridges are synthetic devices that look and feel like natural teeth. In the event that a single tooth is lost, a bridge is used to attach the replacement tooth to the area where the original tooth was removed. If a bridge cannot be constructed or a single tooth is missing, the patient may want to consider cheap dental implants that can be attached using screws or simple cement.

If you need to replace one or more teeth to correct your form and position, you will have to undergo a course of treatment in which you will receive implants and other materials to help you look and feel like your natural teeth. This procedure will also help you prevent the onset of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is characterized by loosening and hardening of gums that will eventually lead to tooth loss and infection. Cheap dental implants will help to fill in the spaces that occur when gums begin to shrink as a result of untreated periodontal disease.

Dental implants and other dental components have changed dramatically through the years. Today’s dental implants come in a variety of different materials including titanium, ceramic, plastic, gold, silver and composite. Each material has different applications. Titanium implants are used in conjunction with crowns and dentures to provide teeth replacement in individuals who are missing teeth. Gold dental implants are often used to improve the overall appearance of a smile while plastic and silver implants are often used to cover gaps or repair missing teeth.