The natural way of increasing penis size involves several methods. One of these methods is exercise, which increases the blood flow to the penis. Another way is to use lubricants, such as jelqing. These methods are also known as herbal remedies for penis enlargement. You can read more about these methods in this article. But before we discuss them, it is important for you to know best way to get a bigger dick.

Exercise increases blood flow to the penis

Kegel exercises are excellent exercises to increase blood flow to the penis. These exercises strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor, including the bulbocavernosus, which helps the penis fill with blood during an erection. For the most effective Kegel exercise, men should clench their muscles for three seconds and repeat several times without clenching other muscles. These exercises can be performed while sitting, standing, or lying down.

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Herbal remedies increase penis size

Herbal remedies for penile enlargement have been used for centuries to increase penis size. Using natural herbs, such as ginseng and yohimbe, increases blood flow to the penis, resulting in increased size. These herbs also dilate blood vessels, which expands the penis chambers. They also stimulate cells to build new layers of skin. They are an excellent way to get a bigger penis without surgery or drugs.

Jelqing lubricant

If you want to increase your penis size, you should use lubricant before jelqing. Use an unscented lotion, baby oil, or food oils. The lubricant prevents friction, and it’s also the key to moving blood through your penile tissues. Jelqing should last between two and three seconds. During jelqing, your penis should be semi-erect or slightly erected.


Herbal remedies can temporarily increase the size of your penis, but a permanent solution involves dietary changes, more exercise, and losing weight around your midsection. However, ginseng can interfere with some medications and cause negative side effects in some cases. Before trying ginseng regularly, consult your doctor. You should take no more than 500 mg daily, which is equivalent to one teaspoon of ginseng extract.


Did you know that watermelon is an effective way to boost male potency? Citrulline, which is present in watermelons, is responsible for this effect by stimulating the blood vessels to dilate and strengthen erections. Interestingly enough, consuming a lot of watermelon can give you an inch or two more on your penis. Nevertheless, you should be careful when consuming watermelon as this fruit can cause adverse side effects.


If you’re not convinced that exercises are an effective way to grow your penis, try the Kegel exercise. By keeping the penis muscles tight for five seconds, you’ll increase its thickness and improve your sex life. This exercise is effective at increasing penis size and improves blood circulation, too. For best results, you should perform it daily for at least thirty minutes. Using a hand-held massage tool, you can also perform the Kegel exercise.

Trimming pubic hair

Although penis size is largely determined by genetics, certain factors, such as hormones, lifestyle, and nutrition, can also affect penis size. While reducing pubic hair can make your penis appear longer, it won’t change its actual length. This method can increase the appearance of your penis and boost your confidence. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are no medicines or other medical procedures that can lengthen or otherwise increase its size.

Using a penis pump

Using a penis pump will help you achieve an erection and enlarge your penis faster. It works by turning on a tube attached to the penis and causing rapid ejaculation, resulting in a thicker penis. There are many types of penis pumps, and some have extra bells and whistles. While their basic purpose is the same, some have more bells and whistles than others. To use a penis pump, simply preheat your penis before sexual intercourse to achieve an erection.